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Former Member
Jul 04, 2013 at 11:38 AM

RLV memory consumption problem and server crashes



in the past days i spend some time to test the usability of the promising new rlv feature of IQ16.

Now, after the first hopes are gone, i came to the conclusion that in IQ16_sp1 the RLV feature is very buggy - unusable for productive use.

For example this behavior:

The merge process (automatic or manually) runs a first time - ok, but write intent locks are held on the merged tables after completion of the merge process

The merge process (automatic or manually) runs a second time - RLV mem space usage is being doubled

The merge process (automatic or manually) runs a few time - RLV mem space usage grows in the same way rapidly till the memory limit is reached

The results are a RLV Memory Exception and sometimes Server hard crashes (stack trace file are written)!

If i run the merge process from a sql prompt (dbisql - autocommit) the write intent locks are released immediately from the tables, the usage of the RLV Memory stays normal with no such huge memory consumption hops!

For me, it seems that there is a commit problem with the background merge process during the iso level 3 lock hold livecycle.

Have anybody an idea how to handle this?

thanks Martin