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Jul 04, 2013 at 09:22 AM

SAP Direct payment


We have a trade vendor code #5324792, which is tolling fee reimbursement to car rental company & the money should be distribute to each driver. When using HSBC e-banking payment, we processed ACH to debit the full amount fm our bank a/c & distribute to drivers’ bank a/c separately.

Now, in SAP direct payment, can I release the payment fm SAP & achieve above objective? If so, how to set up the vendor & run the payment?

more elaborately:

The drivers vendor code #5324792 has been created. Let me take an example for this,

  • #5324792 is vendor code for trade vendor named ‘Drivers’

  • We create a AP to Dr: Exps a/c    1000.00   Cr: #5324792      1000.00

  • The 1000.00 should be paid to 2 drivers, driver A 600 & driver B 400

  • How can I pay to the 2 drivers by SAP direct payment? Which T-code I should use for the payment? Shall I have any special setting in #5324792 when I create the trade vendor?