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Jul 04, 2013 at 09:30 AM

return delivery COGS error


we are in MTS environment, costing based COPA, COGS VPRS is mapped to value field VV300, for normal F2 billing, VV300 is updated correctly during billing.

but for return sales order, when we create return sales order, return delivery is auto created, after Post goods receipt, COGS is updated in accounting document with 200 USD, which is correct, we further create credit note(billing type Z01) for return delivery, It is Debit: AR, credit: revenue, accounting document and PA documents is generated, but VV300 is updated with 1500 USD, which is not correct. how to solve this error?

we didn't setup "reset for COGS for billing type Z01", we want COGS value field to be updated when we create credit note for return delivery