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Jul 04, 2013 at 08:36 AM

Portal upgrade from 7.02 to 7.31 fails during EXECUTION/OFFLINE-MIGRATION



Maybe someone can help here since we are experiencing a severe problem.

Following error occurs:

An error has occurred during the execution of the RUN_OFFLINE_MIGRATION phase.

Error while processing migration list /data/inst/sap/SUM/T57a/java/data/mig/MIGRATIONAUSF.LST. Could not migrate some archives from migration list.Possible reason is Database is down.Check if database running Error during migration of archive /data/inst/sap/SUM/T57a/java/data/mig/DEPLOYARCHIVES/ which has been extracted to directory /data/inst/sap/SUM/T57a/java/migtool/ reason is Database is down.Check if database running Could not execute MTI process. See log files /data/inst/sap/SUM/T57a/java/log/JMT_FRAMEWORK_RDM_01.OUT and /data/inst/sap/SUM/T57a/java/log/JMT_FRAMEWORK_RDM_01.ERR. Return code condition success evaluated to false for process java for action RUN_MTI.

Steps taken:

1) When we first ran into this problem a restore was done from the database and the filesystem to the beginning of the DONWTIME phase.

2) The original 7.02 instance was started.

3) The UME consistency check was run under user administration per sap note 1016283.

4) A repair was carried out, no inconsistencies remained.

5) SUM upgrade restarted

6) During the migration of the package it generates an error causing the upgrade to stop.

Did anyone encounter the same problems during a portal upgrade?

Thanks for your response.


PS: We are on the latest SUM version 1.0 SP 7 Patch 2.