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We are trying to setup an SPRC 2.0 system. A few details about the landscape:

  • We have our ERP system which is an ERP 6.0 EHP6 system, with latest version of SPRC installed (TDAGBCA 200_600).
    • EHS product safety is already configured and running without problem on the system, with a full CED phrase catalog installed.
    • All basic SPRC configuration has been done, necessary phrase sets are created, and RCS phrases have been installed.
  • Enterprise Portal system is 7.30, with latest SPRC 2.0 components installed (all TDAG* components).
    • SSO with ERP system is configured and working properly.
    • Both RFC destinations needed for SPRC (TDAG_RCS_APP & TDAG_RCS_IMG) are defined and working properly.

The issue we have is, when we try to launch most SPRC portal applications (e.g. REACH Material Assessment), we receive the following error:

de.technidata.rcs.common.exception.RCSUncheckedException: FATAL RCS2200 Phrase group SAP_RCS_TRISTATE is incomplete. Tristate values cannot be handled until customizing is corrected., #0:*, * R3=null ID=USER.PRIVATE_DATASOURCE.un:esptde, #1:null, #2:null, #3:null

I have been searching for a long time what could be wrong, without success. No mention of this error anywhere on the web, nor in the SAP notes database. Here's what I have tried already:

  • I have checked of course that this phrase set existed, and that it contained the expected phrases, it seems OK.
  • I have verified that the connection to ERP system is OK by doing an RFC trace, I can see a few function modules are called successfully.
  • I have made sure connection to ERP system was done in English, to verify it was not a phrase translation issue.

If you have any idea at all, I am interested. I am very near opening a SAP message.

Thanks in advance.


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2 Answers

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    Posted on Aug 29, 2013 at 06:29 AM

    Hello Thomas.

    I've got same experience like you.

    'Phrase group SAP_RCS_TRISTATE' does not mean real phrase group, but 'phrase set'.

    There is a phrase set as name of SAP_RCS_TRISTATE. If there is no, you should create or import.

    I assigned phrases to that phrase set, then I solved the problem.

    I don't know exactly whether naming rule of phrase effects on that error or not,

    I assigned phrases that have the phrase ID such as RCS_#####.

    For example, RCS_00000000001: 0: No

    RCS_00000000002: 1: Yes

    RCS_00000000003: 2: Undefined

    (This may be standard contents from SAP)

    I hope this tip can help you, and I'm sorry for my poor English.

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    Posted on Oct 07, 2013 at 11:55 AM

    Hello Thomas,

    I had exactly the same Problem and in my case the hint of BeakHun Seong worked fine. I' ve manually created the SAP_RCS_TRISTATE Phrase set and then I did the CG31 again with the rcs_phset_012012.dat. You have to make sure the RCS Phrase catalogue is active and after that everything was ok.



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