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Jul 03, 2013 at 05:51 PM

Setting key and non-key data simultaneously for GL Accounts


Hello MDG colleagues,

In MDG-F, we're able to create/change GL Accounts using entities ACCOUNT (for global data) and ACCCCDET (for company-code level data).

For both entities, a change request is created first with the key data, then the non-key data is added later, via 'Single Processing'.

My customer would like to maintain the key data and details in a single step on the same screen.

As far as I can tell this would not be supported by MDG: am I right?

Furthermore, they would like to maintain the data from both ACCOUNT and ACCCCDET in the same screen. When I call single processing for ACCCCDET, I can see the global data on the 'Basic Data' tab, and the company code level data on the 'Details' tab. The global data is read-only -would it be possible to make this data available for editing? I'm guessing not, but I want to confirm.

Thanks, Roger