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Jul 03, 2013 at 03:27 PM

IDT : unable to create a session to CMS


Hi Gurus

First of all, I am pretty sure you will tell me that this is so easy that I should not ask the question, but guess what...did not find out the solution...

I have a BOBJ 4.0 server, but I can not connect to it through IDT. I always get the FWM 010009 error from my PC when trying to open a session on it.

When I locally (on the server itself) use IDT to connect, it works fine...

I put on my PC the host name in the hosts file. All other applications work fine (BI launch pas, webi, etc...)

I played a bit with the ports on the BOBJ server. I deactivated antivirus, and firewalls....

Any idea on how to find the network issue ?