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Jul 03, 2013 at 12:58 PM

Sales order header text changes are copied to referenced sales order header text even if no reference check box is checked in configuration


HI All,

I have created a Sales order with reference to another sales order. Original sales order has sales order header text ZALL with object VBBK.

Now when I change the sales order header text in ID ZALL in the original sales order, my reference sales order header text for ZALL is also getting changed.

Requirement is that the sales text changed in original sales order header should not flow to the reference sales order header.

I searched the forum and tried to check the different post related to this. I also checked the configuration and found that the Reference/ Duplicate check box is not checked for the text ID.

Also I have multiple text IDs in sales order header but the issue is happening for only two sales IDs.

My question is if the Reference/ Duplicate check box is not checked, then why is the text entered in the text ID is flowing to the reference sales order header.

Thanks in advance for your replies.


Gaurav Joshi