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Jul 01, 2013 at 12:34 PM

SAP resources not starting in Solaris cluster after Kernel upgrade



We were in the process of upgrading the SAP kernel version from 236 to 254. The upgrade was succcessful in our dev and test systems, but got into issue in Production.

Our ECC version is 6.0 and kernel release 700. In Production, we have a solaris cluster in place and SAP and DB resources are clustered among 2 servers to have a high availability. The process followed for kernel upgrade in production is as follows:

1) Extracted the 2 SAR files downloaded from service market to a new directory exe_new under /sapmnt/<SID>

2) Stopped the 4 application servers

3) Stopped SAP resources and Oracle resources in cluster

4) Mouned the file system /sapmnt/<SID> on server hosting central instance

5) Stopped all services running under <SIDADM> in central instance and application server

6) Renamed exe folder in /sapmnt/<PRD> to exe_backup

7) Renamed exe_new folder in /sapmnt/<SID> to exe

8) Started oracle resources in cluster, which was successful

9) Started SAP resources in cluster, which was not getting started

Can some one please check the issue and guide us if we missed any steps?