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Jul 01, 2013 at 04:50 AM

Could not install any query object in BI Content


Hello Experts,

I can not install from BI Content any structures, ristrict key figure, variable,... in QUERY ELEMENTS. I got error messages as below:

Object 8ZTK2SR8MGFDI9UJHKWYVTJU3 (Query,ELEM) could not be collected for object 4JMSPX7EYPBYN1WH33TSF65KB (Query,ELEM)

Object 4889D49LT1LIYU1PBHSH2V5KG (Query) could not be collected for object ()

Object '089XDL63FC5JW5CSDK6DBHTWQ' (ELEM) of type 'Query' is not available in version 'D'

Maintenance of object 'ELEM' of type '3RYHFTRUQO8YL974X80G89UGF' is not yet available

And I could not find any solution in this forum. Could you please help me fix it?

My BW server:




Thanks in advance.