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Jun 30, 2013 at 07:23 PM

Makit Column Chart - Two Values per Category


Hey guys!

We are developing a mobile ui5 application based on a desktop application. With VIZ we easily define two measures within a column chart and the result is two columns per "dimension". With makit it is a little bit different and i thought this will do it:

var oChart = new sap.makit.Chart("Chart_r1",{

height: "100%",

width: "100%",

type : sap.makit.ChartType.Column,

showRangeSelector : false,

category : new sap.makit.Category({ column : "regionCategory", displayName : "Region" }),

values : [new sap.makit.Value({ expression : "revenueValue", format : "currency", displayName : "Availability" }),

new sap.makit.Value({ expression : "lossValue", format : "currency", displayName : "Loss"}) ],

categoryAxis : new sap.makit.CategoryAxis({ displayLastLabel: true }),

valueBubble : new sap.makit.ValueBubble({

style: sap.makMaiit.ValueBubbleStyle.Top,

showCategoryText: true



oChart.addColumn(new sap.makit.Column({name:"regionCategory", value:"{REGION}"}));

oChart.addColumn(new sap.makit.Column({name:"revenueValue", value:"{AVAILABILITY}", type:"number"}));

oChart.addColumn(new sap.makit.Column({name:"lossValue", value:"{LOSS}", type:"number"}));


However, it only shows the first column (revenue) and i have no clue why. Further, i didn't found an example for a column chart with two columns expect the "Multi-Series Chart" but i can't adapt it to our case.