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Jun 30, 2013 at 12:11 PM

How to block customer if either Credit limit or Financial document has breached the value


Dear Experts

We have a requirement where a customer needs to be blocked completely if the credit limit or the LC/ Financial document value has been exceeded and vice versa .

For example a customer has a credit limit and still not breached to a full value, hence the credit status is open. , now at the same time the customer is also using a Letter of credit. and the LC value or the date has been breached. then the system will block the LC sales order for delivery. but it will not block the sales orders which are being assigned the credit check. hence we need all/any kind of sales order for the customer to be blocked for delivery once any of the two (LC or credit limit) is breached.

If anyone can give a quick hint , it would be highly Appreciated.

Best regards,