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Jun 29, 2013 at 05:27 AM

Different PDF attachment for Particular vendor


Hi All,

The purpose of the program is to send vendor invoices to individual vendors.

I am facing issues in PDF attachment to mail which are very different .

1. The PDF gets generated and when i check the same in SOST for a Vendor i find the wrong invoice being generated.

But when my functional opens the same in SOST he opens the right invoice and the User ID is same from which we trigger the mail.

Just want to know whether this is any system configuration error or OS error ? I am confused. (Mail doest get delivered due to some other issue)

2. And When my functional executes the program only one vendor invoice is wrongly generated and rest all are correct. And if i debug and check the proper data is being passed to the CONVERT_OTF FM but the generated PDF is wrong. Single invoice repeats for all the vendors.

I am also clearing and refreshing the Internal tables and work areas.

Please throw some lite on why and how this peculiar errors comes up.Any help wud be gratefull.