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Jun 28, 2013 at 02:02 PM

Delta load in WODSO - Duplicate data record detected error


Hello everyone,

we have BW 731-005 system

Datasource: 0FI_GL_4

The data flow is DS->WODSO->SDSO->IC

transformation from DS to WODSO has 'overwrite' for all key figures.

First I did a FULL load (around 102Million records in WODSO), further loaded till IC -ok

then INIT without data transfer,

and now ran DELTA - this gave error

in DTP monitor, it shows error:

(red) Update to DataStore Object WODSO : 11.910 -> 0 Data Records

(red) Duplicate Data records detected in WODSO

I have tried loading data by:

- Re-activating DTP

- removing semantic key from DTP

but still same error

There is no info available in sm21 and st22

Any idea how to proceed.

Thanks for your help