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Jun 28, 2013 at 12:21 PM

Product Substitution in WCEM not working



I don't manage to get product substitution to work as I would like in WCEM (Web Channel Experience Management). I have setup condition record in ECC for Product A to be replaced by either Product B or C, replicated the relevant condition objects to CRM and activated the corresponding product substitution inside the transaction type.

In CRM backend (CRMD_ORDER) when I enter Product A I get a popup where I can select between Product B or C (just as wanted/expected) and a message is shown "Product KRE1012004/1 was replaced". Under Item details I see "Replaced by products".

So far so good! (And I assume that above shows that everything is setup correctly?)

In WCEM however the following happens:

I enter Product A --> and this is automatically replaced by Product B without any message given. The problems are the following:

  • Why don't I get a selection between Product B and C as in backend
  • Why don't I get any message in the shopping cart about the replacement done (the enduser should get a notice as I see it)
  • When the order is placed - there is no trace of the "originally entered Product A" under "Replaced by Product"

Have I missed any setup to get Product Substitution to work correctly in WCEM (same as in backend).... or is above how it is supposed to work in WCEM?

BR / Alex