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Jun 27, 2013 at 01:54 PM

Dimension Table size greater than Fact Table Size in SAP_INFOCUBE_DESIGNS


Hi Experts ,

SAP_INFOCUBE_DESIGNS shows that the size of the Dimension Table Size is greater than that of Fact Table Size .

Its only 1 dimesnsion that is showing this behaviour and it contains Characteristics Sales Document Number , Sales Document Item , which means Info Cube Contains Item Level Information as well.

Analysis :

1. Cannot Mark the Dimension as Line Item because of more than 1 charatceristics in it.

2. Can i mark it as High Cardinality ? Would it have any impact ? Also as per my understanding this would only chnage the index from BITMAP to BTREE and would help only in Non Oracle Based data bases. Ours is an Oracle one so dont think it would help? Please suggest.

3. Going for Remodeling also wont help because if i keep both the Sales Document number and Item Dimension it would add more entries not less.Please suggest.

4. Need to know does this ( higher %ages of dimesnsions in SAP_INFOCUBE_DESIGN) this have any impact on the performance of the report.

Note : The Info cube has been accelerated to BWA Environment( Accelerator) so haven't recieve any performace related issue on the same fromm user.

Please suggest what all we can do to reduce the size of the dimension tables so that SAP_INFOCUBE_DESIGN doesn't show higher percentage for the concerned dimension.