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Jun 27, 2013 at 10:38 AM

Using FQevent 5504 -> Clarification changed document



We are trying to set up an approval step for changed document. At the moment we are trying to use FQevent 5504.

If the payment method changed we are setting to following exporting fields:

E_C4EYE = '01' (this value has been included into the customising)

E_C4LEV = '1' (One other person has to check this)

E_C4LST = 'X' (We don't want the worflow just a simple approval step)

After a document change it asked if the saving needs to continue because the change needs to be approved.

So far so good (from what i understand).

But if we check the transaction FMCADOCA there is no list / documents in place.

Can someone please help me out here, what am i doing wrong?

Thanks a lot,

Lukas Molenaar