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SAP BODS Incremental Load

Jan 10, 2017 at 11:50 PM


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Hello All, I am loading data from legacy ssystem and implementing SCD2 .If i run job after Initial load, count is increasing even when there are no changes in Source system. I am suppose to take CUST_ID as primary key , Can anyone tel me how to implement SCD2 for this below table.

If i change any one of CUST_ID eg: C100 -CUST_TEL_NR - 9491959094 to -1234567890 when i run job for this changed records all the records of C100 are getting updated END-DATE (Today date ) and new records are getting updated with 12.31.999 .

Regrds Vinay

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1.Could you check the primary key columns and comparison columns in your table comparison transform.

2.Check whether you are using the key generation transform to generate surrogate keys.



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vinay k Jan 11, 2017 at 02:55 PM


Above table is my Staging table which we are not using any logic, it is extract everything from Source.

IN my Target Table i am using ROWID(int) and FLAG(Varchar) , i am using CUST_ID as PK in Table comparison and

ROWID in key gen transform.



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You will have to use Table Comparison delta method. I have replied to your another post

Target-based CDC extracts all the data from the source, compares the source and target rows using table comparison and then loads only the changed rows into the target system.

Refer to below which will give you the exact steps:


Arun Sasi