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Jun 26, 2013 at 03:26 PM

SAP RF error screen logoff



I encounter a little problem. I set up an RF menu which consist partly of standard transactions like LM05 or LM50. On the other hand there are also custom functions. I created all HTML templates and published the services, so far it seemed ok. Screen look ok. But navigating through the functions or menu entries I had a weird phenomenon.

E.g. when I get an error message and leave it pressing "OK" in a standard transaction or if I press F3 in the entry screen of a standard transaction, then the system performs a complete logoff! I'd like to have that, when pressing F3 in the uppermost menu level, but nowhere else.

In my custom transactions it will work fine, as I do not use the standard error screen (If i would, I expect the same problems as with standard transactions); if I leave the entry screen using F3 it will return to the menu.

As I could see, the difference is:

  • the custom transactions end with "leave program" when I press F3
  • the standard transactions end (in form "BACK_TO_PROGRAM") with "leave to transaction MMENU", where MMENU = LM01.

Is there a possibility to make the error screen or the standard entry screen to perform a "leave program" instead of "leave to transactions" or do I do something wrong?

This is only when calling it as an ITS service in a web browser, in SAPGUI transactions work fine.

My service settings are:

on the logoff-tab I have entered a URL, consisting of the logoff-service combined with the service itself:

....logoff?erdirecturl = <my service>

In another system, where I use only custom transactions I use the very same service settings and it works fine. If you need more information, feel free to ask.

Thx in advance