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Jun 26, 2013 at 11:26 AM

Adding Custom Fields in SAP SYCLO Work Manager App


Dear All

I am trying to add a custom field for poc purpose in Syclo Work Manager Application using following blog.

I have created the required structure but not entirely sure of the linkages.

Got the source code from syclo support team and imported it in Eclipse.I did not see any main project with Agentry application.So I imported Agentry.ini into Eclipse (highlighted in first box).Made a copy of S4SAP-WorkOrder into SycloSAP-Workorder (highlighted in second box)and included the custom code.UI changes were made in SAPWM prj using Agentry-Property perspective as explained in blog.

After this I do not understand how both this project need to be linked.Also how back-end changes will get incorporated is also a confusion. Didn't get any

further doc on moving ahead.



Eclipse1.JPG (54.6 kB)
Eclipse2.JPG (18.6 kB)