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Jun 26, 2013 at 08:16 AM

Non deductible tax problem


Hello, Created one condition type: ZVSB (VAT non-deductible) Condition class: D, Calculation type: A, Cond. category: N, Access sequence: MWST, item condition. In Tax calculation procedure: (T/code OBQ3) - TAXINN ZVSB condition type calculation - Basic price + service tax, account key: NVV (tax type:2, non-deductible, posting indi: 3) In MM pricing procedure: (T/code M/08) There are 2 condition type: NAVS: Non-deductible tax JEXS: Taxes on the PO Tax code created: ZX (Vat 5% non-deductible & 12.36% service tax) Problem: At the time of creation of PO with tax code ZX.......the VAT value also fetch in condition NAVS & total tax value fetch in JEXS condition, which increased the PO value (Double VAT value) For e.g. Basic price: 100 Service tax: 12.36 VAT: 5.62 Actual Po value should be: 117.98 but in my case: PO value is coming Basic price: 100 NAVS: 5.62 Jexs: 17.98 PO value: 123.60 I want that vat value should come in non-deductible condition i.e. NAVS & service tax in JEXS. Kindly help.