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Jun 26, 2013 at 05:38 AM

Multiple Payroll for Employee with Multiple Employment


Hi Experts,

We are facing the requirement from our client to implement SAP. One of the scenario is there will be two or more Personnel Number that will be assigned to an employee. An Employee can be assigned to some personnel number because they have two or more employment in that organization.

We have explored the possibility to use Infotype 0031(Reference Personnel Number) and Infotype 0121 (Reference Personnel Number Priority). It is the new thing for us. We have some questions about how to process the payroll by using that infotypes.

1. Is it possible for an employee with 2 or more personnel number has one payroll result?

2. What are steps should be performed in SAP?

3. Anyone, could you give me some explanation about the pro and cons about this?

Thanks for the valuable respons.

Best Regards.