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Terrible login experience

SDN would remember me - I would visit, and it would already log me in automatically. Since the move away from SDN this has changend.

Usually, I have to login (I use login via facebook). Sometimes, not - or well, the experience is clunky. Let me explain.

Earlier today, I visited to create a question. I clicked the "anonymous" avatar, clicked the facebook login icon, got logged in, and posted my question.

Later today, I visited again. The site clearly remembered me, and was showing the notifications icon inside my avatar. See screenshot:

So, naturally, I clicked the notifications link.

Next, I get directed to, and sadness ensues:

Look at all these people. They are having a laugh because I have to login. Again.

Why? Clearly, the landing page telling me I have notifications knows who I am. Shouldn't it be clear to the page that actually contains the notifications who I am as well?

Please fix, it's annoying. Please just always remember me (save when I clear my cookies)

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  • @Jamie, thanks for the reply.

    Today, I entered the home page, and I had to login. And after being logged in, my avatar showed, with the notification icon. I could then access my notifications directly without having to login again.

    So, I guess, what I experienced today was closer to what I would expect, minus the initial login (scn always remembered, until after clearing cookies).

    Whether the issue is now "resolved" I dare not say. I will have to experience the same consistent behavior a couple of times before I would think it is "fixed".

  • Thanks for the follow up, Roland. The team continues to work on smoothing out the SSO processes & I'll share any info on root cause/resolution when I have it.



  • I had similar issue today. But, at least, I have my Notifications back :)

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    Jan 11, 2017 at 10:34 AM

    They are laughing at me too.

    The technical reason is a quite superfluous protocol switch from HTTPS to HTTP when clicking links. For some strange reason SAP tries to stay with unencrypted traffic but stumbles and falls to generate URLs appropriately. (Many comapanies are available via HTTPS only today)

    It looks quite erratic when they use HTTP and when they use HTTPS for links. HTTP will be anonymous - HTTPS will be with user session. Clicking the anonymous avatar or logging in will switch back to https (and recover the login) again.

    Solving this looks like an easy task: Just do HTTPS only (or generate URLs correctly or use protocol agnostic links like // according to RFC3986 Section 4.2).

    PS: I am now aware that this should probably have been a comment and no answer, shouldn't it? Sorry. I still don't get it.

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    • I don't think that a second page (homepage) would need to be updated to tell that the known bug list is updated.

      In my opinion it is more important that one source IS updated at all.

      The wiki with community updates was last changed in December 21.

      As we can read in other discussions has the bug with the activity stream on a mobile device been fixed today, so I would expect to see an update in the wiki.