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Jun 25, 2013 at 01:10 PM

Sales Order - Item Account assignment tab - Need table name



I am struggling to find the table where the data on subscreen at Sales Order - > Item -> Account assignment tab - > AcctAssignt button is stored.

When I go to the account assignment tab on the sales order I see a button AcctAssignt which leads me to a subscreen where the Fund centre and functional area values are found which I think are defaulted from the material master data of the material on the item.

I change the values to another valid Fund Centre and Functional Area and then I save the order successfully and when I return back I see the new values which is perfect and is a standard SAP process in my system right now.

But I am finding it difficult to find the table name where these values are stored FISTL & FKBER and I see these fields on VBAP table but VBAP is not updated with either the default or changed values on this subscreen.

Is there a table where these values are stored according to Sales Order / Item No. / Material / WBS / FISTL / FKBER as I see these values are not captured on VBAP table which I have expected.

Even a FM or BAPI will help to retrieve the values and I strongly believe these values are stored on the backend otherwise the new chnaged values should not come up when I go into VA02 again.

Please let me know.