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Jun 25, 2013 at 12:40 PM

DTRANS very high with BWA, Exception Aggregation


Hello All,

Currently we are running BW 7.3 with BWA version 7.20. We are experiencing terrible performance with a query that using exception aggregation to count the occurances of a line item dimension in an infocube. Using otherwise identical queries, with the basic key figure DSEL is 2,270,576 with DBTRANS of 106 - returning a result in a very short amount of time. When using that key figure aggregated to the count of the line item dimension, DBSEL is consistent at 2,270,576 but DBTRANS increases dramatically to 368,077 which greatly increases the runtime and doesn't scale well within BWA. I am unsure of whether or not this increase in records transferred is to be expected or not but am wondering if anyone has any ideas out there that could lead me in the direction of improving the performance of the aggregated count key figure.