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Jun 25, 2013 at 08:37 AM

Transformation Feild Routine issue-BW7.3


Hello Experts,

As you aware the New functionality in BW 7.3 allows us to use navigation attributes as source fields in transformation routines. This appears to work fine when the routine are created. However, when I try attempting to modify the routine, or even display it shows syntax error in the routine. The importing section of the routine where the source fields are defined are automatically changed so that navigation attribute source fields appear as characteristics. The routine appears to execute correctly in spite of the apparent syntax error but the some problems still remain.


1. The transformation/DTP often fails in the process chain but can still be executed manually.
2. The transformation rule does not transport correctly.
2. The only way to modify the routine is to delete and recreate it.

I have attached screenshots for more details. Please help me




Capture2.JPG (79.5 kB)
Capture1.JPG (96.8 kB)