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Jun 24, 2013 at 09:30 PM

badi CRM_SRV_MAP_RS_BADI is not called in ERP



We need to use Cost Center for our reservations instead of Internal Order, for this we use in CRM BADI CRM_LOG_EXT_MAP_BADI in this, Badi we use the unique CRM_SRV_LOG_MAPPING and set in the structure bapiparex the values we want to pass to ERP.

In ERP there are another BADI, that should be use to get the CRM values and then used in ERP for the Reservation creation, but in ERP the BADI is not called, we made a Debug and the CRM Badi is called but then the ERP BADI never is called.

Both Badi are active.

If someone have a idea what can be happening or missing, or a example code will be appreciate ir.

Best Regards