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Jun 24, 2013 at 06:43 PM

Initializing screen values using GET_DATA method gets cleared


In the enhancement Post-Method of CL_EHFND_FBI_GUIBB_FORM->get_data( )

method , I have code that initializes the FORM field QIM_ID to a specific value when the screen initially opens, by changing field in CS_DATA structure.

When the screen is initially opened, the field is initialized with the specified value.

However, if any event is executed on the screen, the GET_DATA method is executed and clears the initialization. Is there a structure in addition to CS_DATA that needs to be updated or synchronized?

Below is code used:

* If Incident 'Report Incident - Simplified' - QIM configuration

if me->core_object->ms_uibb_key-config_id =


read table ct_field_usage into ls_field_usage with key name =


lv_index = sy-tabix.

ls_field_usage-read_only = abap_true.

modify ct_field_usage from ls_field_usage index lv_index.

ev_field_usage_changed = abap_true.

if io_event->mv_event_id ne 'FPM_START' and

io_event->mv_event_id ne 'FPM_LEAVE_INITIAL_SCREEN'.

if me->core_object->mv_qim_update_flg is not initial.

clear me->core_object->mv_qim_update_flg.

* Set QIM Issue ID

if me->core_object->mv_qim_issue_id is not initial.

assign component 'QIM_ID' of structure cs_data to


<lv_field> = me->core_object->mv_qim_issue_id.


ev_data_changed = abap_true.