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Do HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) and DG (Dangerous Goods) refer to the same thing? For HAZMAT to be implemented, what are the areas that have to be covered/considered in SAP EHS(M)?

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    Posted on Jun 21, 2013 at 09:22 PM

    Dear Sruthi

    If i remember correct: HAZMAT is a specification type which is used in context of HSM (to my knowlegde). DG is something different.

    Let us try the other way around:

    Anything relaetd to classic Hazardous substance management is shown here:

    chapter: Hazardous Substance Management (EHS-HSM) (and related subchapters)

    Anything related to DG can be found in same place but chapter

    "Dangerous Goods Management (EHS-DGP)"

    There is one word of warning necessary. Because of history there is on the topc a further HSM tool available which should not be used any more.

    Only fo completeness some reference should be given:

    VM04: data transfering from specification database to table MGEF

    Do not use the old way to handle hazardous materials !

    Further hint:

    Topic "DG" is related to the transport of chemicals; HSM is related in most case to "storage" of chemicals and "hanlding" of chemicals; a further link here is:

    "Industrial Hygiene and Safety (EHS-IHS)" (same link as before). Here the context is "high level" to define which specification is handled at which work area; the tool is more relate to the "hazard" than to the "danger".

    What are you looking for to get? Regarding any of the tools mentioned. there are best practise available to generate a "draft" set up.

    Or is you rinterest more related to the "Component Extension"? May be check:


    PS: to get the idea about the difference of "dangerous goods management" and "Hazardous substance management" is not easy

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    • Dear Sruthi


      a) There will be no external content provider

      Question - In the absense of external content provider, what are the possible ways of maintaining legacy Phrases in SAP? Also, if you could suggest what steps have to be taken into account for Phrase Conversion, Substance Conversion, without an external content provider?

      I understand we have to create Characterisitcs for corresponding Phrase Sets. Any further considerations like this one..?

      1.) you can clealry maintain the phrases by your own

      2.) you can clearly maintain legal content by your own

      Legacy System:

      First step is: you need to have a "plan" how you would like to use EHS. Without this plan you should not start to take over data from other systems.

      Now depending on your decision you need to map old structure to new structure and e.g. create phrases etc. By using standard EHS techniques you can create phrases, data records on specification level based on data of legacy system (e.g. using standard imoprt of for specifictaion updates: OCC can be used as well). to do so you neeed "mapping" between old and new structure. As this is "unique" to the project (and legacy system and based on your decision how to use EHS) no further hints can be given


      b) If we are to implement HSM-WM checks, DG checks, we need master data HSMD, DG Master. How can we do this without having to maintain CG02?

      If I "ignore" your topic before: it is quit simple: you need to prepare a "basic" ehs customizing set up, prepare phrases etc. and then you can create DG master and HSM master using the TCODEs available. It is not recommended to do so but ut is possible.


      c) How is the Transport Not Approved indicator set in DG Master? Is it automatically set? Or does a person have to manually check each regulation against each mode of transport category permitted, and set the check?

      Yes: this is a decision of a person who is responisble to decide about "DG" topics


      You will find many links regarding:

      a.) how to "handle" legacy systems

      b.) how to start a EHS project

      c.) topics regarding DG checks etc.

      There are "rare" threads in this forum regarding HSM. PLease execute a quiry. You should find them easily.

      In this threads (as mentioned above) as well the topic of "content providing" is mentioned; but using SCN query functionalityyou will find clerly more links.

      Just start your project. Only by doing so you will detect the pitfalls etc. by yourself