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Jun 21, 2013 at 02:17 PM

Cannot access External Data : Invalid logon token (FWM 02080) ;Parent Child relationship in dashboards


Hi All,

I am Using Dashboard 4.0 and i have created Parent and Child SWF's with Live office connections and loaded to the Infoview Portal with all Live Office and Data connections.

Now if i try to open a parent swf that is opening a child swf using 'documentDownload?' via the slideshow component, well everything works fine except for the logon token, I am getting the error message below and data also not refreshed, but the child SWF shows latest refreshed data.

But when i click parent SWF , The child swf becomes visible but when the queries start to load I get that error message.

We are using BICS Connection and the BO version is 4.0 SP4.

Error Message:

Cannot access External Data : Invalid logon token (FWM 02080)

I have gone through the link below, but we have QAAWS in that discussion and no body has replied with the correct answer yet.

Please help me ASAP as most of our dashboards are having Parent Child relationship and this error is terribly affecting our deliverables.