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Jun 21, 2013 at 01:02 PM

ASE Error SQL257:42000]Implicit conversion from datatype



I was trying to activate analytics as standalone (without BW integration) in my current project (CRM 7.02), following the best practices document

C41_CRM702_BB_CRM Interactive Reporting, was enough until the moment I decided to activate the Sales Order part, then my headaches started, first of all I must say I'm not a BW guy, and there's no BW support here, so everything for myself, ok, cool, I can 😠...then....I'm working with a ASE-Sybase database, and of course there's no ASE Basis guy here so....errrr....well, yeah, maybe is too much 😢. So when I tried to activate the BI Content activation Workbench via

ORDYWB - Report.CRM interactivo: Workb.entrg. Menu->Go to->BI Content activation Workbench or trx: BSANLY_BI_ACTIVATION I had a very nice super dumps activating the content boundles






The dumps consisted in ASE Error SQL257:42000]Implicit conversion from datatype and generated in my local sapworkdir folder a txt with some native sql sentences, so I was pretty lost, as I said I don't have any BW - ASE support, well, after some message with SAP I have my note 😊

1876381 - 731SP09: New Master data deletion aborts with a short dump on Sybase ASE database

SAP_BASIS 731 0005 SAPKB73105 SAP_ABA 731 0005 SAPKA73105 SAP_BW 731 0005 SAPKW73105

As is something not very intuitive I thought will be nice to write a post, there's no way this can be a blog!

I hope this can be usefull to someone!