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Disable fields in MEPO1320 - ME22n

Jan 10, 2017 at 08:19 PM


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Hi, Gurus

I'm once more in need of your help, for my requirement i need to disable the qty field of the tab Delivery Schedule at 'ME22N', i already tried BADI 'ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST' and User exit 'userexit_field_modification' in 'LV69AFZZ' with no success.

The col in yellow should be disabled.

Thanks for your time, and help.

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1 Answer

Jürgen L
Jan 10, 2017 at 09:48 PM

fields in a purchase order are usually subject to customizing where you can even hide fields from the display: OLME-->Purchase Order-->Define Screen Layout at Document Level

and beside of that you have still the screen attributes as explained in OSS note 2287838 - Why could a field behave differently (mandatory, optional, display-only, hidden) than as it is customized for PO and PR enjoy transactions

May I ask why this important information shall be hidden?

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Say i need a validation so users can't modify price and qty fields in header data so i already implemented BADI 'ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST' to change ch_key in runtime from 'NBF' a standart one to a Z* one wich works but i also noticed that modifying that qty at delivery schedule also modifies data, i don't need to hide it but to disable it, in OLME i already checked for that field in delivery schedule with no success, am i overlooking something?

Thanks for your time and answer.


you lost me with this part: "...that modifying that qty at delivery schedule also modifies data.."

You need to elaborate this a bit more.

Also the field is in display mode, what can be changed here?


The field can be modified, it's not on display mode (MEPO1320-MENGE 'Quantity Field For Delivery Schedule Tab') i can type numeric values, i think it looks like it because i have it focused i'll change that image, let's say in delivery schedule tab i go to col 'deliv. qty' and the '1' i have there is modified to '2' then the data changes if i save it, therefore i need to disable it.


Just an example:

If you order 10 pieces then you can create 1 or more delivery schedule lines, e.g. 2 pieces shall be delivered on the January 20, another 5 on January 25, and remaining 3 on January 30.

If you restrict an entry in that column then you remove the functionality to use schedules.

A user can either start with a quantity that is defaulted from the item overview into the first schedule line and can then create further lines by changing the quantity

OR the user starts in the item detail and enters his schedule lines with quantities and it will sum up as total order quantity in the item overview.


I know, but it's a dynamic restriction it's for Po that have History, sorry i don't make the requirements, but that how it's needed, so if you have some info on how to disable that column it will be a lot of help, it really does not matter if all the fields on the schedule tab are disabled i just need to know how and see if i can make it dynamic.