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Jun 21, 2013 at 08:53 AM

How to Re-Render a single line in thtmlb:cellerator


Hi folks,

My Problem: I have a WebService that deliveres thousand of lines to me. These should be displayed in a tableView. Due to the size it is slow to display all at once.

For performance reasons I would like to only request the lines currently displayed by the user from the WebService (like 50 lines). Then when the user scrolls down the list fetch more lines as needed.

I tried to "reuse" the chtmlb:Cellerator tag for this. In RETRIEVE_AJAX_AREA_CONTENT of the view controller the line data is fetched from an internal table and returned to the view. I would have to "inject" my updated data into this call. This is not really an issue. My big problem is: This line data is already encoded into valid HTML. This had been done when the BSP tag has been rendered.

Question: How can I Re-Render a single line of a tableView?

Usually the BSP tags use DO_AT_BEGINNING and DO_AT_END internally to render all their content. I can not do that obviously. The external call RENDER_TO_STRING seems not to work for me either :-(

Any pointers, or different solution approaches, welcome! Anyone ever faced the issue of displaying data from a remote system in chunks?

cheers Carsten