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Jun 20, 2013 at 02:32 PM

Integration JVA and MM


Folks I need some help in JVA-MM integration. We are running SAP ECC 6.0 and we have all modules installed including JVA, I am afraid we are not using JVA in the right way that’s why I ask for your help and orientation. We have near 100 JVA´s and counting !!! , JVA module is running smoothly for accounting department but is creating a chaos in the logistic side because we create a logistic center for each JVA in order to have control of JVA´s material inventory and CO accounting since in material master there is only one benefit center for each logistic center, that´s the reason why accounting department ask us to create a logistic center each time we have a new JVA.

In the logistic side we have same material in several logistic centers with no ways to planning it in aggregate way, in others words we, at logistics side, would like to have ONE logistic center with common material used by all JVA´s and supply form this center all JVA´s requirements but having each JVA´s inventory assigned to its corresponding JVA inventory account and benefit center.

I think that SAP ERP have enough functionality to handle this integration between MM, FI, CO through JVA, using split valuation, material ledger and JVA, because of that I think we have not installed JVA module in the right way and that’s way I am asking you for help

Thanks a lot !!!!!!!