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Jun 20, 2013 at 09:04 AM

Problem: Discount not applied in Catalog, only in Shopping Cart



In WCEM 3.0 I am facing the following problem:

I see the prices calculated correctly in Shopping cart (orginal price as strike through and discount applied), in the product catalog however the discount/strikethrough is not applied.

Image below is showing the catalog (where the price is 300 SEK) and once I put it in the cart it shows up with discount as 270 SEK in the mini-cart:

Image below is showing how the price/strikethrough/discount looks like in the shopping cart:

The discount price condition is setup using Sales office as a part of the key combination.... could the problem be that catalog isn't using Sales office (since this only is a maintained field in the module Sales transaction in Web Channel Builder)? If yes - Is this how WCEM is intended to work? Do we have to change our logic in the pricing condition (change key combination to use something else than sales office)?... or could it be something else?

BR / Alex


Catalog vs Cart.jpg (101.0 kB)
Cart.jpg (44.8 kB)