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Jun 19, 2013 at 11:37 AM

SAPUI5 versus Visual Studio


Just out of curiosity: why would developers install the SAP UI5 plugin in Visual Studio? In our company we have both NWDS and Visual Studio available and Visual Studio also has features to create mobile apps. What could be the added value of a SAP UI5 plugin in Visual Studio? I am just curious what the pro's and con's are of using the plug-in in the one or the other dev environment. Could developers in VS and NWDS e.g. work on and the same mobile app? We have developers in both area's and we are wondering what direction to go into? NWDS using SAPUI5 plugin or VS using SPAUI5 plugin or not using SAPUI5 at all but develop mobile apps using VS? Both dev kits have loads of features, programming language c# versus ABAP. We have developers in both areas. Looking forward to your input!