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Jun 19, 2013 at 07:25 AM

Queries on Replication of Install Base


Dear All,

Have some basic queries on Install Base Management.

1) If I need to replicate Install base in SAP CRM Service, does the equipment master created in ECC get replicated as install base in SAP CRM or do I need to create an install base itself in ECC?

2) The Main Product will have components hence can the equipment master be created hierarchically in SAP ECC if I have a BOM in my Sales Order and Delivery?, once when the delivery is completed the can the equipment master get created hierarchically? or this needs to be done manually as part of master data creation?

3) If a component gets faulty and this component needs to be replaced the product code would be the same however a new serial number will get generated once I complete the delivery of the good part, how can the new serial number get updated against the same part code which is the component in the install base?

Kind Regards