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Jun 18, 2013 at 11:14 AM

Webdynpro Table with input field with different data type and length:


Hello Experts,

I got a requirement to create table with different cell editor for different row based on the condition. I managed to get the same by using variant in table.

My table is having no of rows unknown at run time. Table is having 2 columns:

1st: Attribute name

2nd: value to enter by user.

These attributes are coming from the ztable with it's conditions field. For each attribute 2 condition fields are maintained:

1st: Datatype for ex: CHAR, NUMC

2nd: length for ex: 20 ,10

Means each row will have it's own data type and length assigned to it. which should be link with the input filed. According to which entry should be made by the user.

I have gone through the properties of input text but did not find any property to link the data type.

currently I am using the type for the Context node attribute Value is 'String'.

node cardinality : 0..N (for table)

My question is :

How can I change the types of table input field for different rows for entry.

Waiting for reply.....