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Jun 15, 2013 at 01:24 AM

More Field Help on UI Input Element - Can you customize it?


When you create a UI Input Element in your view, when the application runs if you right click on that field and Select "More Field Help" then some SAP Documentation is shown on that data element. I have been asked if I can customize/enhance this somehow so it shows the documentation our business users want and not the SAP delivered ones for each field on the view. Has anyone done this before or know if it is even possible? If it is possible can you let me know how it can be done? If it is not possible do you have any suggestions of alternative ways I can achieve this same type of thing (i.e. help text for each field on the form).

p.s. .... in a perfect worl this help text should be tied to a weblink or sharepoint link so the users can maintain it themselves.