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Jun 14, 2013 at 01:08 PM

How to cancel POD in VLPOD after Invoice creation


Dear Experts,

I am wondering if someone can assist me with the below requirement.

When the Ship to party used in Order's are POD relevant we cannot Invoice the customer until VLPOD is completed.In the current process POD's are sent Via by FF's or the movers hence business cannot wait to receive POD's and later create Invoice.

As a resolution we technical managed(BADI) to get the VLPOD confirmed on doing Goods issue in the delivery by which customers are now able to create invoices successfully. We proposed the date as 31/12/999 and time 24:00 and changed the status to confirmed so that business can identify at the report level which deliveries are pending to receive the actual POD date.

I can manually open delivery in VLPOD and then cancel the POD and update the dates and save the document.(Manual process as a workaround)

Problem Area:

After all this development we now understand that the PODS send by FF's are taken in to a Excel and later mass uploaded into the documents in the current process.In order to allow the same process keep going I am on the journey to find a way on how I can cancel the POD in VLPOD after the Invoice is created. I do not find any scope to get this done.Request all your help and advise.

My query is to identify an enhancement to trigger from Invoice to VLPOD and cancel POD and then delete dates.

Apart from all this if there any way to Invoice the customer without completing VLPOD and having Ship to party as POD relevant.