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Jun 14, 2013 at 05:40 AM

Movement types in STO SIT


Hi all,

I was doing an SIT processfor an STO.

In the standard SIT process for STO (cross company) we use schedule line N1 and N3 (available from EH5 onwards).

In the schedule lines N1, N3 etc we mention movement types.

in N1 the movement type mentioned is 683 (stock transfer to receiving valuated CST)

in N3 the movement type mentioned is 109 (GR from valuated GR blocked stock)

I am not able to figure out how the movement type 107(GR in valuated GR blocked stock) gets triggered.

Is there any config or any link done in SIT or it is totally managed in side the program.

I have checked the scheduleline there is no mention of a SIT movement type which is normally given during customer delivery NU.