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Jun 13, 2013 at 06:59 PM

Cannot filter data using report filters or input controls


Hi Every one,

I need help creating variables to filter data in report level

I have two tables in my data base

A(Summary) left outer join B(Revenue )

Table A

id name

1 x

2 y

3 z

Table b

id year

1 2011

1 2012

1 2013

2 2001

2 2002

3 2004

Now I want to build report(all filtering must happen in report level) exactly like table A except that I want the Id's who don't have revenue in 2013

Report should look like

id name

2 y

3 z

I created a variable a= if year<>2013 then "y" and "n" but when I apply a filter on the table/ or create an input control that doesn't seem to work.

Please help me find a solution to this.

Thanks in advance