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Jun 13, 2013 at 03:29 PM

Disk space when running RSXM_TABLE_SWITCH (Switch deletion procedure)


Hi Forum,

We have more than 4.000.000 processed messages in XI we want to delete. Our interfaces are Archiving active and Database is running in Oracle

We've mark the SXMB_ADMIN->Configure delete procedure->Switch Procedure Activate checkbox. Now, container 2 is the active container.

Then, we started the copy job running program RSXM_TABLE_SWITCH. We did not notice the tablespace PSAPSR3 had only 20GB of free disk space when we run the job. So, copy 4.000.000 messages to container 2 need much more than 20GB. We've cancelled the job.

Since we canceled the job, we can't run any other PI deletion job until the restart of the canceled job. We've made some search in this forum and seted parameter DELETION->DROP_MAX_TABLE_LOAD = 10% and parameter DELETION->TABLE_SWITCH->MOVE_INSTEAD_OF_COPY = 'X'.

Now, we restarted the job, and it is still consuming the disk space. Container 2 tables are growing and container 1 tables are not releasing disk space.

What can we do to delete the messages? is any way we can made a rollback the table_switch set container 1 active again an delete the messages before the switch? Any Oracle command, like Alter table?

Thanks in advance,