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Jun 13, 2013 at 02:29 PM

Filter all the Hierarchical Task Lists based on their dependancy


Dear all,

i want to filter all the hierarchical task lists in system based on their dependancy, say, if there is a characteristic called 'REGISTRATION', then i want to see all the Hierarchical task lists having registration as 'ABCD-123' (REGISTRATION = 'ABCD-123').

I have done debugging and found out the following:

1. All these dependencies are being stored in table CUXREF as a knowledge element. That is if i pass the required characteristic value, in our example 'ABCD-123' to the field 'ATWRT' of table 'CUXREF' then i am able to get knowledge elements of all the hierarchical task lists which are having dependency as REGISTRATION = 'ABCD-123'.

Now, i want a link between this knowledge element and actual hierarchical task list which has the dependency. In debugging i could find that there is no such link maintained, and the field 'KNNUM' is being generated as the next number using function module 'NUMBER_GET_NEXT'.

I request you all to kindly suggest me an option or work around to achieve the same. Thank you.