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Jun 13, 2013 at 01:34 PM

How to use FCC for Blank Receiver Message?



I had tried alot to find out but not able to get an answer for the below question:

Scenario : Proxy to Flat file , Multiple Messages creating Single file with append option after condition check.

Source to target message mapping : 1 to 1. (XML to CSV)

Target message has two Recordset so if any one RecordSet comes to Target message FCC works fine.

If source message failed to create any of the two child node for target MT (Errror).

When neither of two created , we receive the following System error in Message monitoring

Delivering the message to the application using connection File_ failed, due to: java.lang.Exception: Exception in XML Parser (format problem?):'java.lang.Exception: Message processing failed in XML parser: 'Conversion configuration error: Unknown structure '' found in document', probably configuration error in file adapter (XML parser error)'.

Is there a way we can avoid this error ?

I tried making Target message occurence as optional but that leads to

"Split mapping created no messages"


Is there a simple way to avoid both errors?