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Jun 13, 2013 at 11:53 AM

Performance issue AUFK Table?


Hello all,

in database table AUFK, i have craeted a include with 2 fields:

zzebeln , zzebelp >>purchase order no, and item no.

i have used used these fields in CO01.

my problem is when am fetching data by entereing these P.O. no and item no...

the query takes unlimitede amount of time and eventually the transaction

exits...timeout problem.

here is my query:

select aufk~aufnr aufk~auart      aufk~ERDAT      aufk~werks aufk~zzebeln      aufk~zzebelp      afko~gamng"prod qty      from aufk      INNER JOIN afko      on aufk~aufnr eq afko~aufnr      into TABLE i_aufk    FOR ALL ENTRIES IN i_ekpo "CONTAINS ebeln and ebelp from ekpo        where zzebeln eq i_ekpo-ebeln      AND zzebelp eq i_ekpo-ebelp*      and werks eq i_ekpo-werks      and bukrs eq '1000'      and autyp eq '10'*      *  secandary index used.        and kokrs eq '1000'  and auart eq 'YBM3'  and ABKRS eq Space.

as these are manually created fields...these is not present any index....

please suggest me how to extract data (PROD. ORDER NO. From AUFK)



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