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Jun 13, 2013 at 09:25 AM

Is this possible with a process chain?


Hi experts,

I have a process chain containing 5 steps. All those steps take the value of tvarv value.

This TVARV value corrsponds to current period, today it's : 006.2013, next month it will be 007.2013 etc

Is it possible to schedule the loadings of this chain when launched as following:

If it's launched in Period 006.2013, i would like it to run 6 times based on current year (in my case today 2013) and limited to actual period (in this case 006.2013)

1st time : 001.2013

2nd time : 002.2013

3th time : 003.2013

4th time : 004.2013

5th time : 005.2013

6 th time : 006.2013

Thanks for your support.