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Jun 13, 2013 at 07:31 AM

Internal & External purchase orders for same material


Hi All

I have an issue when generating a manual internal stock transport order for a material that has a fixed external vendor as source list.

We have several plants and occasionally we have the same material stocked at some of the plants. As standard the material is ordered in against a fixed vendor as shown in the source list.

However, when we want to move some of the material between plants and generate a manual stock transport PO (UB doc type) we get the error 'Source not included in list despite source list requirement' (message 06722).

I assume that I would have to enter a source list for the material to get from internal plant. However, how do I get this to work? If I enter a source list for internal plant can I still have the part ordered externally using the fixed vendor in the source list?

I basically want to be able to order a material from external vendor and also create internal stock transport POs but I get the error message 06722 when I try this

Thanking you in advance