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Jun 13, 2013 at 06:55 AM

Custom program for insert, modify, delete from tables using SE11/SE16 dynamic selection screen


Hi All,

I have to design a program such that the selection screen contains a parameter for table name and 3 radio buttons one for each insert, modify and delete.

Now when we run this, screen of table should appear (same as SE11, SE16- where we give values).

Whatever values we give there, should be inserted, modified and deleted according to what we have selected on the first screen.

I got one FM, RS_TABLE_LIST_CREATE. Through this FM, I am able to get the table screen based on table name (what we give on selection screen) dynamically. After that, it is calling a program which is nothing but normal SE11/SE16 property. We give values and we get data.

Once the SE11/SE16 screen comes I don't have any control over the same to do the required action

Please suggest how can this be achieved?