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Jun 12, 2013 at 11:53 AM

Booking overtime in CATS



I have a question regarding overtime time entry in CATS.

-> is there a possibility to enter overtime in CATS ? I was thinking of creating attendance types to make the difference between normal hours and overtime hours.Can we indicate in the attendance types that this overtime or not?

-> Is there an easy way to configure this upfront , that the system knows the normal hours are been done , the hours that are now entered are overtime? Or has the person to enter this manually ?

-> Can we also indicate this somewhere in the HR MAster Data of the employee.?

-> About overtime there are different percentages that are used to capture the overtime? How can we get the cost rate entered in the KP26 been multiplied with this certain percentage when the people are working on projects and actual cost has to be registrered ? Can we also indicate this in the attendance types or do we have to configure something else ?

Thank you in advance for the help